Focus, Concentration, Results!

John Grimek mastered the art of training with pinpoint focus and laser-sharp concentration - and it helped him become one of the greatest champions in the history of the Iron Game!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We'll talk training in just a minute,
but first I need to share some
quick updates.

1. The John Wood Report

On Friday afternoon, John Wood released
issue no. 2 of The John Wood Report.

It's a monster-sized, 19 page issue, in PDF
format so you can get it instantly - and yes,
it's printable, so you can print it and save it.

It has some great articles and training tips.

Tips on building pressing power, some fun
push-up challenges, cool workouts, a primer
on the reverse curl, some ab flattening tips,
special gut exercises and - get this - the
Hammer Man's Challenge to the World.

Go here to grab the the little monster:

And if you missed issue no. 1, it's right

I really like The John Wood Report, and
I urge everyone to grab a copy. It's a great
resource for everyone interested in real
world, no-nonsense strength training.

2. The Dino Files

The March issue of The Dinosaur Files is
getting great reviews. If you don't have it
yet, here's the link for the downloadable
and printable PDF:

And if you missed the October, Nov, Dec
Jan or Feb issues, go here to grab them so
you have the complete set:

Feb issue

Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan issues

By the way - the March issue includes
the world's toughest leg training program -
the world's simplest bodyweight training
workout - some special tips on healthy
joints for older Dinos - and a really great
article about how one of our longtime
Dinos has been battling back from
cancer surgery.

It's very good stuff - informative, and

3. Focus, Concentration, Results!

When John Grimek began training he
worked out all by himself starting at
around 1:00 in the morning - after he
finished a job that ran from 4:00 p.m.
to midnight.

When Reg Park began training he lifted
out in his parents' backyard - at night -
alone - with a big light set up so he
could see what he was doing.

When John Davis was the top Olympic
weightlifter in the world, he trained all
by himself in the basement of an old
church in Brooklyn.

When Doug Hepburn was building world
record strength and power - and amazing
the weight world with his incredible feats -
he trained alone in an old wooden shed.

When Tommy Kono was the defending
World and Olympic champion in weight-
lifting, he, too, trained alone - in the
basement of his house in Hawaii.

Are you starting to see a pattern?

Training alone is incredibly powerful -
because it allows you to train with
the deepest possible focus - and
with super intense, unrelenting

Make no mistake about it.

The ability to focus - and to concen-
trate - is critical to your success.

The more you can focus on the task
at hand - and the better your powers
of concentration become - the more
productive and effective your workouts
will be.

If you're looking for the secret to
great gains, look no further.

It isn't a pill.

It isn't a drug.

It isn't a supplement.

It's not even a new program, a new
workout, or some funky new exercises.

It's nothing more (nor less) than learning
how to focus and concentrate when you

I cover this in detail in Dinosaur Training
and in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training -
and I give you step by step instruction on
how to devleop the kind of focus and
concentration that makes champions.

You can grab them right here:

Dinosaur Training

Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

Remember, the ability to focus and to
concentrate with white-hot intensity is
an acquired skill - it's something you
have to learn - and practice - and
develop over time.

But it's well worth doing.

Just look what it did for the old-school

As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day. if you train today, make it a
good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. My other books and courses are
right here at Dino Headquarters:

Hard-copy and PDF


P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"Use the power of your mind to
build the power of your body. The
two are inseparable."

-- Brooks Kubik


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