Five Things to Know

Calling all Dinos! - it's time for a quick update on some of the things that have been happening this week!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's Saturday morning, and it's been a heck
of a week - so I thought I'd mention some
important updates.

And since it's a wet, rainy day here in Louis-
ville - and the same for many of the rest of
you - I thought I'd mention some good stuff
to grab and read - and some good places to
visit today.

1. The John Wood Report

On Friday afternoon, John Wood released
issue no. 2 of The John Wood Report.

It's a monster-sized, 19 page issue, in PDF
format so you can get it instantly - and yes,
it's printable, so you can print it and save it.

It has some great articles and training tips.

Tips on building pressing power, some fun
push-up challenges, cool workouts, a primer
on the reverse curl, some ab flattening tips,
special gut exercises and - get this - the
Hammer Man's Challenge to the World.

Go here to grab the the little monster:

If you missed issue no. 1, it's right here:

2. The Dino Files

The March issue of The Dinosaur Files is
getting great reviews. If you don't have it
yet, here's the link for the downloadable
and printable PDF:

And if you missed the October, Nov, Dec
Jan or Feb issues, go here to grab them so
you have the complete set:

Feb issue

Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan issues

By then way - the March issue includes the
toughest leg training program in the world -
as well as the simplest bodyweight training
workout in the world - some special tips on
healthy joints for older Dinos - and a really
great article about how one of our longtime
Dinos has been battling back from cancer

Very good stuff - informative, and super

3. The Strength Secrets Facebook Group

John Wood has started a fun new Facebook

It's by invitation only - meaning you have to
apply and be approved for membership - so
it's limited to serious people having serious
discussions about the Iron Game.

Go here to apply for membership - and be
sure to tell John I sent you!

4. The Dinosaur Training Facebook

Long ago, someone (and I don't know who),
started a Facebook Group for fans of Dinosaur

The admin bailed recently, and Bill Hinbern
took over as admin - and he made me an
admin, as well - so now we're trying to revive
the group and pep it up a bit.

So if you'd like to join that group, as well -
here's the link:

5. The Coolest Strongman Coffee Mug
of All Time

John Wood's Retro-Strength Shop has a ton
of great stuff - including a full-color Louis
Cyr coffee mug that may very well be the
coolest strongman coffee mug of all time.

Go here to take a look - and see if you agree
with me:

There's more to update you on - but I'll save that
for another email.

In the meantime, and as always - thanks for
reading - and if you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik


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