The Royal Road to Muscle and Might!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

On a wooden lifting platform, a lifter
chalks his hands, steps to the bar --
crouches down -- gets set -- and performs
a perfect squat snatch.

Elsewhere -- a kettlebell lifter finishes
a hard set of swings with a menacing,
monster-sized black bell.

In a different gym -- another lifter swings
a heavy kettlebell. When she finishes, she
hits some heavy squats and deadlifts -- and
them grinds out three sets of hanging leg
raises -- for 15 reps per set. One of the
guys at the gym shakes his head in disbelief
as he watches her.

And elsewhere -- a thickly muscled man in
heavy sweats heaves a 150 pound sandbag to
his shoulder, drops it down, and heaves it
back up again.

In a different gym -- a lifter grinds his
way through a heavy set of squats. After
the squats, he does heavy quarter squats
in the power rack.

In yet another gym -- a lifter performs the
two dumbbell clean and press -- working up
to sets of five with a pair of 80 pounders.

And in another gym -- a training stands with
a heavy barbell on his shoulders, panting like
a racehorse as he finishes a heavy set of 20
rep breathing squats.

Meanwhile, in a garage -- a man finishes a
set of 50 perfect pushups, jumps up, grabs
a pull-up bar, and begins performing a set
of 20 perfect pull-ups.

In another garage -- a man hangs from a 2"
thick pull-up bar, with 40 pounds of heavy
log chain wrapped around his body -- and
performs a set of 5 perfect pull-ups.

And in a different garage -- a man approaches
a heavy block of iron -- and lifts it off
the ground with a powerful pinch grip.

Meanwhile -- a young athlete sprints up a steep
hill. It's the first of five 50 yard sprints
for him.

And not far away -- older trainee finishes
his Trap Bar deadlifts, and cools down with 20
minutes on a step machine at an easy pace.
Tomorrow he'll take things easy, and go for
a 3 mile walk.

In another city -- a man works on a one arm
pull-up. He can't do one yet -- but he's
working to get there!

Elsewhere -- in a different city -- an athlete
drives a barbell overhead in a letter-perfect
clean and jerk. Her first lifting contest is
in two weeks, and she plans to be ready for it!

In another gym -- a trainee finishes a heavy set
of barbell curls with more weight than many
trainees use for squats or deadlifts (assuming
they even perform squats or deadlifts).

They all train differently. But they all train
the same.

They train with strength, power and passion.

They train progressively. Whatever they do, they're
always trying to improve their performance.

They train regularly and consistently. They don't
miss workouts and they don't make excuses.

They train to get stronger -- faster -- more
powerful -- healthier -- and better conditioned.

They follow different paths, but all of them are
headed in the same direction. They're all on the
Royal Road to Muscle and Might.

All of them are Dinosaurs -- and I'm incredibly
proud of each and every one of them.

If you're reading this, you're a Dinosaur as well.
You train YOUR way -- but you train the Dino Way!

For that I salute you -- and I THANK YOU!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great
day! If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Dinos are all different,
but Dinos are all the same." -- Brooks Kubik