Write It Down!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Three quick updates, and then we'll talk

1. The Military Press Course

The Military Press and Shoulder Power
Course ran late because I added some
extra material. It is at the printer
now, and we'll be shipping it sometime
next week.

I apologize for the delay here -- I
underestimated how long it took to
finish the little monster. Of course,
the good news for YOU is that it's
going to be bigger and better than

2. The January Dino Files

Is also running late. We'll drop it in
the mail sometime next week. It's a
pretty good issue with some great
training articles and workouts.

3. The London Seminar

If you haven't heard the news, I'm doing a
seminar in London -- with Mike Mahler,
CjSwaby and Sabina Skala -- and if you
live in the UK or Europe, you're DEFINITELY
going to want to be there. For more info,
or to reserve a spot, follow this link:


Several readers have asked questions about
keeping a workout log. One of the questions is:

"Do you write down what you're going to do
(exercises, sets, reps and weights) before
you go to the gym? If so, do you ever change
what is scheduled?"

The answer is YES and YES.

I ALWAYS write down the entire workout from
warm-ups to working sets -- including all the
different weights I'll use -- BEFORE I go out
to the garage to train.

Writing it down is the first step in getting
your brain into your workout. It actually serves
as a form of visualization. And it starts to get
you to concentrate and focus on your training.

Before you do anything else, you need to have a
very detailed, very vivid, very clear picture
of what you are going to do in your workout.

Writing it down helps to create that picture.

Remember, Dinosaur Training is GOAL DIRECTED
TRAINING. You don't just go to the gym and
do stuff. You go to the gym with a definite
goal: to lift more weight than before, to
do more reps than before to add a work set,
to improve your technique in a complex lift
(such as a squat snatch, a dumbbell swing or
a bent press), to train with better focus and
greater concentration than ever before, to do
the same workout you did last time but do it
FASTER than before, etc.

The point is, you're always training with a
definite purpose. And writing it down helps
that process. Helps it more than you can

Do I ever change what I do?

Absolutely. If I'm having an off day and nothing
is working the way it should, I go lighter than

If I'm having a great day, I may do more working
sets or I may go heavier in my working sets. I
may even go for a PR. Or (and pay attention,
because this is important), I may do exactly
what I had scheduled in my workout log and focus
on making every single rep as PERFECT as possible.
That's often a better confidence builder than
anything else you could do.

Start keeping a workout journal. It's a simple thing
to do -- but it's one of the secrets to getting great,
super-productive workouts!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.
If you train today -- write it down! -- and make it
a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. As noted, the Dinosaur Training Military Press and
Shoulder Power Course will be shipping next week -- but
you can still get in the door and reserve a copy during
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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If it means something, write
it down!" -- Brooks Kubik