Two Men Standing!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Three quick things.

Thing No. 1 -- we're down to TWO copies
of the bonus photo for the Military Press
Course, so if you want one, take
immediate action. They're a bonus
item, so once they're gone, that's it:

Thing No. 2 -- in response to numerous
questions, yes, I am doing seminars this
year in the USA. If you'd like to attend
a Dino Training seminar, do this:

1. Send me an email with your name, age,
where you live and what cities are close
enough to travel to to see a seminar.

2. Let me know what topics you'd like me
to cover.

3. Let me know of any good gyms to hold a
seminar at.

I'm compiling responses, and I'll plan to go
to the places where there's the highest
response, so if the idea of a seminar sounds
good to you (and it sure sounds good to
me --- I want to meet as many Dinos as I
can) -- then step up and let me hear from
you asap!

Thing No. 3. Yes, yes, yes -- I'll give you
some more info about the Bruno Sammartino
course I mentioned in an email message over
the weekend.

Be looking for it tomorrow!

Dino Man over and out.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. My books, courses, DVD's, and other Dino
goodies are in the usual place: