Time to Call the Printer!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

As soon as I finish this message, I'm going
to proof the final draft of the Dinosaur
Training Military Press and Shoulder Power
Course, review two photos that we rescanned
to sharpen them up -- review the special
bonus photo (one of the best John Grimek
photos of all time) -- and then call the
printer with any final changes.

If there are no final changes, I'm going to
call the printer and say, "Go ahead and print
the little monster!"

So that means we're just about ready to
roll -- and it also means the pre-publication
special is just about over. The bonus photo
is only available during the pre-publication
special so if you want the bonus, you need to
take immediate action.

You can reserve your copy of the Military Press
course right here:


I'll follow up with another post a bit later in
the day, but right now I need to go proof that
final draft -- and then call the printer!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Several readers are saving on s&h by ordering
other products with their Military Press Course. It
packages well with the Doug Hepburn Training Course
and the Dinosar Arm Training Course -- and it also
packs well with Dinosaur Bodyweight Training. But we
can use a different size box and ship the little
monster with anything you'd like. So if you want
to make it Christmas in January, head on over to
Dino Headquarters: