Green Sludge for Strength and Health!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One of the secrets of healthy eating for
Dinosaurs is green sludge.

But before you go out and start looking
for a can of the stuff, let me explain.

For breakfast, I usually eat a great big
omelet that includes two cups of chopped
herbs and fresh, leafy vegetables from my
back-yard garden, along with some
onions or leeks fried up with chopped

Since everything is fresh, I do all the
chopping, dicing and slicing myself --
which means I end up with lots of stalks
and stems and any leaves that don't look
good enough to eat. So I end up with a
cup or two of stalks, stems and leaves
from my home-grown, 100 percent natural
and organic parsley, chervil, spinach,
kale, dandelion greens, arugula, mustard
greens, tatsoi and other Asian greens,
lettuces, beet greens, chard, collard
greens, and similar goodies -- along
with mushroon stems and non-edible
parts of the onions and leeks.

I throw them into a cookie jar on the
kitchen counter.

I also end up with four egg shells. I
wash them in hot water, and throw them
into the cookie jar, as well.

For lunch, I usually have a huge salad,
and once again I end up with a cup or
two of stems and stalks and other odds
and ends that go into the cookie jar.

I eat very little fruit, but if the
granddaughters come to visit they usually
have some fruit -- and we throw the banana
skins, apple cores and orange peels into
the cookie jar.

Dinner is meat or fish, chicken on occasion,
and more fresh veggies -- and once again we
end up with lots of odds and ends for the
some sort of cookie jar.

We usually fill the cookie jar at least once
per day. (Yes, we eat lots and lots of fresh

When the cookie jar is full, I throw every-
thing into a food processor and mix it up
with a cup of water.

Thirty seconds later I have about one quart
of thick green sludge.

Now, you're probably thinking I drink the
stuff. Like Rocky, with the raw eggs. Or like
a veggie-version of the Get Big Drink.

But you're wrong.

I take it out to the garden and add it to
the compost pile. It breaks down very
quickly, and I end up with a steady supply
of high quality compost filled with tons of
nitrogen, vitamins, and minerals from the
veggies and the egg-shells.

I use the compost to keep the garden growing
the best and most nutritious vegetables

So that's one of our secrets of healthy eating
here at Dino Headquarters: green sludge!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the day: "Good training and
good diet equal great results!" -- Brooks Kubik