A Question for the Dinosaurs -- Pls Respond!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I need your help. Specifically,your feedback.

I've been asked to do a special distance
learning program for an outfit called Entheos.

It's a pretty cool concept.

They find experts in various aspects of optimal
living, including, of course,diet and exercise,
health and nutrition, and they hire them as
special teachers for audio lectures that last
anywhere from one to two hours per session.
The teacher decides how many sessions to use
to cover the course material.

They have an all-star line-up of teachers -- I
have books in my library written by several of
them. The most recent was Mike Mahler, the
kettlebell expert. He just did a four week
program on Optimizing Your Hormones.

At Mike's recommendation, Entheos asked me to
do a program on Dinosaur Training. So I'm
going to do a four week program, starting on
Saturday April 14 -- and we're going to cover
Dinosaur Training. Each session will be at least
one hour long, and if we're on a roll, they may
go longer. I've been told that Mike Mahler would
get into Q and A with the class and run 90 minutes
to two hours in some of his sessions -- and I'll
do the same if there's enough interaction going
on. Once I get talking about strength training,
it's s hard to shut me up. And if you have a
question, I'm darn well going to answer it.

This is NOT an audio seminar. It's a LIVE long
distance learning opportunity. You listen on the
phone or on your computer, and you can call in and
ask questions LIVE -- and I'll answer them LIVE.

So it's completely inter-active, with back and
forth discussions -- in real time. In other words,
it's just like doing a live seminar -- except I can't
do live seminars with every Dino in every town and
city across the world. But with distance learning,
I can bring every single one of you a live seminar.

(Note: Of course, if you miss one of the live programs,
you can download it later -- IF you are part of the
class. The downloads are only available to those who
sign up for the class.)

In addition -- a live seminar is expensive. I have to
cover the cost of travel, hotel, meals, and any charges
to rent a facility. So the tuition is always going to
be fairly steep for a live seminar. (Worth it -- but

Distance learning doesn't involve travel expenses --
so the tuition is much, much lower.

Now, frankly, if I had had the opportunity to do this
sort of thing with someone like (for example) Bradley
J. Steiner, John McCallum or Harry Paschall "back in
the day" I would have jumped on the opportunity.

And that's what I thought would happen with this
opportunity. I thought the Dinos would jump on it.

But for some reason, that's not happening. And I
don't know why. I don't know if I'm not explaining
this well enough -- or if you want books and courses
but you don't want a live program -- or if you're
not sure how it works -- or if you're afraid I'm going
to give a pop quiz to everyone who signs up for the
program (don't worry -- I'm not!).

So here's the link. Please read it through, and if
you're interested, go ahead and sign up. If you have
a question, shoot me an email. If it's not your cup
of tea, pls shoot me an email and tell me why. I won't
be offended -- but I'm really puzzled.

The link for the Entheos Dinosaur training class is
right here:


Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who has
reserved a spot in the class -- and thanks in advance
to everyone else who signs up for the program.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Here's the link again -- and remember, if you look
it over and it's just not your thing, shoot me an email
and tell me why!