Please read -- Update on the John Grimek Course!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!


If you ordered the new John Grimek training
course, please read this shipping update:

1. I goofed. I wanted to get the course out
the door by the end of March, but ran late
because I kept finding and adding more
and more material.

2. I apologize for running late -- but the
good news is, the course is better and more
detailed than I had expected. It covers his
early training, how he trained for weight-
lifting competition, how he trained when
weights weren't available to him (this you
won't believe), his favorite exercises,
training programs he recommended for gaining
weight, training programs he recommended
for losing weight, diet and nutrition tips,
the mental aspects of successful training,
his measurements, his best lifts, and details
about his competitive career in weightlifting
and body-building. So it's pretty darn good --
and pretty darn complete.

3. The course is being printed this week,
along with all of the bonuses -- including
a 12-page mini-course of ADDITIONAL training
tips from John Grimek -- tips I wanted to
share with you, but couldn't fit into the
36-page course.

4. We're going to package all of the orders
and ship them on Monday -- one week from today.

5. So that's the time-line -- the course and
the bonuses ship in one week. Next Monday is
the day.

If you have NOT ordered the course, there's still
time to do so.

The-prepublication special ends on Wed of this
week -- two days from now -- so if you've been
waiting, go ahead and reserve your copy now:

Again, I apologize for the delay in getting
the course out the door. I know everyone is
waiting for the course -- and that some of you
are camped by the mail-box -- but don't worry,
it won't be long now.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik