An Old-School Training Program for Dinosaurs!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

A quick note, and then some training info.

On the note front:

My four-week Dinosaur training audio-seminar
starts tomorrow -- so if you want to join the
class, sign up now:

On the training front, I thought you might
enjoy a little bit of old-school iron.

As in, an old-school training program.

Here's an old York training program consisting
of an all-dumbbell workout. It makes a nice change
of pace program, and of course, it's great if you
have no equipment other than a pair of adjustable
plate-loading dumbbells.

1. Thumbs up curl (hammer curl) with two dumbbells

Note: if you prefer, you can do regular dumbbell
curls or alternate dumbbell curls.

2. Two dumbbell press

Note: Perform these in alternate arm style or
simultaneous style.

3. Two dumbbell swing

Note: If you prefer, do the one-hand swing with
one dumbbell. Do one set with the left hand, and
one set with the right hand, and continue for as
many sets as desired.

4. Bent arm pullover with two dumbbells

Note: Use the stiff arm pullover if you prefer.

5. Side bend with one dumbbell

Note: If you prefer, hold one dumbbell overhead
and touch the toe of the opposite foot. Alternate
sides from set to set.

6. Deep knee bend and press with two dumbbells

Note: Hold the dumbbells at your shoulders, perform
a deep knee bend, stand up and press the dumbbells.
Lower the dumbbells to your shoulders, and repeat
for the desired number of reps.

7. One arm dumbbell rowing

Note: Alternate sides from set to set.

8. Two dumbbell bench press, incline press or
floor press

Note: Use one dumbbell and alternate sides if it
is too hard to get two heavy dumbbells into
pressing position.

9. One legged calf raise with heavy dumbbell

Note: Hold the dumbbell in one hand and brace
your other hand on the wall to help maintain
your balance.

10. Two dumbbell clean and press

Note: This is a toughie. Do one clean and one
press on each rep.

11. Sit-up (hold dumbbell on your chest)

Note: Builds STRONG abs.

12. Two dumbbell overhead squats

Note: Another toughie.

For sets and reps, try one to three sets of 8 to
15 reps. Use the same weight on each set or go
up in weight, e.g., do 15/12/10 reps, and add
five pounds to each dumbbell one each set.

It looks easy on paper, but if you work hard, using
perfect form on all of your exercises, and if you
train at a fairly fast pace, you'll get one heck
of a workout.

Give it a try -- and have fun!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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