Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We live by a park, which is great -- except
when the 6:00 a.m. Boot Camp wakes us up
with the drill sergeant fitness pro yelling
and screaming to "Go faster!" and blowing
her whistle like she was signalling a
five-alarm fire.

Now, I have nothing against Boot Camps or
similar outdoor fitness programs, and I'm
sure they do lots of good for the people
who try them. But it's a much different
thing than what I like to do -- and it's
a much different thing than Dino style
strength training and muscle building.

And I'm not talking about the difference
between heavy iron and running laps in the
park. There's a much more fundamental

Dinosaurs are self-motivators.

They don't need someone shouting at them,
and they don't need someone blowing a

In fact, that's the exact opposite of what
a Dinosaur needs.

One of the most important keys to successful
strength training is CONCENTRATION. That's
true whether you're doing powerlifting,
Olympic lifting, heavy barbell and dumbbell
work, grip work, Dino Style bodyweight
training, strongman training with heavy,
awkward objects or anything else where
the goal is to develop strength and power.

You need to concentrate.

You need to focus.

You need to eliminate all distractions.

You need quiet, not noise -- or you need to
block out the noise.

That's why so many Dinos enjoy training at
home, in their garage, their basement or
their backyard. It's quiet. There are no
distractions. They can concentrate.

The Boot Camp environment is nothing but
noise -- and nothing but distraction. And
although the folks in the Boot Camp are
getting a good cardio workout, they're
not learning how to concentrate -- and
they're not developing the mind-muscle

It would actually be better for them if
the instructor stopped shouting at them.
The park is pretty quiet at 6:00 in the
morning, and you can go very deep when
the only noise is the sun coming up over
the hill and the sound of your own

In addition, if they had to push themselves
(instead of being pushed by the instructor),
they'd start to develop some very serious
levels of guts, grit and determination --
and guts, grit and determination are good

Kim Wood used that sort of approach when he
was the Strength Coach for the Cincinnati

He didn't stand there and yell at the players
to "Get one more rep!"

That would be too easy for them.

He told them what to do, and then he let them
get there on their own.

And that was very important. After all, a
player is alone when he's on the field --
and he needs to know how to reach inside
himself and find that last little bit of
strength or speed or endurance.

So Boot Camp is fine -- but if they made it
a little more Dino, it would be a heck of a
lot better.

And besides, if that's how they ran the
Boot Camp, I could get an extra half hour
of sleep!

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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that ability." -- Brooks Kubik