Sig Klein's Dumbbell Challenge

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Two quick notes, and then we'll talk training.

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3. Sig Klein's Dumbbell Challenge

The legendary Sig Klein had one of the best
gyms in the entire world, featuring a stunning
collection of old-time barbells, dumbbells and

Klein used all of these tools in his own training,
along with some serious bodyweight work (he
was a master of herculean hand-balancing and
was great at strict-style handstand push-ups
and tiger bends). But dumbbells may have been
Klein's favorite tool.

Klein wrote a number of articles about old-school
dumbbell training. He believed that one particular
dumbbell exercise was the secret of the super
strength and remarkable lifting ability of the
old-time European weightlifting champions.

What was the exercise?

It was the two dumbbell clean and press --
performed for reps. One clean and one press
on every rep. The first clean from the floor,
and the the rest of them from the hang.

In one of his earliest articles, way back in
the 1930s, Klein issued a challenge to all
weightlifters and bodybuilders in the USA.

The challenge was to perform 12 continuous
reps in the two dumbbell clean and press with
a pair of 75-pound dumbbells.

Klein was able to do this himself -- at a weight
of about 150 to 155 pounds -- so in his case,
he was using a pair of dumbbells equal to his
own bodyweight -- for TWELVE non-stop reps.

That's a remarkable performance -- but Sig
Klein was a remarkable strongman.

Even today, almost 100 years later, Klein's
challenge is hard to meet -- and his own
performance, on a pound for pound basis,
is almost impossible to match.

Of course, if you rolled out the dumbbells
and started to work toward Klein's challenge,
some very good things would happen:

1. You'd get really strong.

2. You'd build tremendous conditioning.

3. You'd add some serious muscle to your
entire upper body -- especially your upper
back, shoulder girdle and arms.

4. You'd become a pressing machine.

5. You'd be able to toy with dumbbells that
most trainees can't even lift off the floor.

Hey, I sound like I just issued a challenge
for the coming year!

If I did, it's a good one. Just ask Sig Klein!

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a good

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Dinosaur Dumbbell Training will give you
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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If you want a
real challenge, try heavy dumbbells!"
-- Brooks Kubik