The Gotta Do It All Guy

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Not long ago, I wrote about the Program
Hopper. The Program Hopper jumps from
workout to workout and never sticks to
anything long enough to get good results.

The Program Hopper is first cousin to the
Gotta Do It All Guy.

The Gotta Do It All Guy is always worried
that's he's missing out on something
important. So he tries to include everything
under the sun in his workouts -- just to be
sure he does everything he needs to do.

In the old days, the muscle mags catered
to the Gotta Do It All Guy by teaching us
that we needed to bomb, blast and blitz
our muscles from every possible angle in
order to build maximum strength and
muscle mass.

That's why you had guys training their
chest (for example) with bench presses,
incline presses, flat bench flies, incline
flies, decline flies, cable cross-overs,
dumbbell pullovers, dips, one-arm
cable cross-overs, and who knows
what else.

You needed to work upper pec, lower
pec, inner pec, the outer pec line, the
lower pec line, the pec-delt tie in, the
deep fibers, the fast-twitch fibers, the
slow-twitch fibers, the rib cage, the
intercostals, the serratus, and Lord
knows what else.

if you didn't hit everything exactly right,
your chest would fall off, or explode, or
the judges at the Mr. America contest
would laugh at you, or you'd "lose your
girl on the beach to a guy who did
pec pumps" (which someone actually
warned us about in an article I read
when I was a kid).

The problem is this: if you try to do
everything, you end up not doing
anything very well.

The guys who tried the "every exercise
under the sun" workouts never got very
much in the way of results.

The guys who built the most muscle --
and the most strength and power -- were
the guys who worked hard on a limited
number of productive and effective

And that's one of the secrets of strength
training and muscle building.

Don't spread yourself thin by training to
do everything.

Instead, focus on a small number of
exercises. Hit them hard. Train with
deep concentration and total focus.
Make every rep count.

Don't be the "Gotta Do It All Guy."

Be the "Gotta Do It Right Guy."

And the "Gotta Do the BEST Exercises

Which will make you the "Got Some
Great Results Guy."

As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day. If you train today, make it
a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Simple is best
because simple is hardest." -- Brooks Kubik