The Secret of the Old Wooden Shed

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

No one knew what it was.

No one knew what was inside.

Or what happened inside.

They probably never even gave it a
second look.

But it was one of the most remarkable
places in the world -- and it was the
training quarters of one of the world's
greatest athletes.

It was a gym. And a very special one.

When you stepped inside, you saw a
dirt floor topped by wooden planks.

Piled against the rough boards making up
the walls were dozens of thick black iron
plates.  At least a ton of heavy iron.

Possibly more.

In the center of the shed there was a
giant – a massive man with dark hair
and a dark mustache.

He was wearing thick blue sweat pants
and a heavy cotton-t-shirt. The man,
the shirt, and the sweat pants were
covered in chalk.

Sweat poured down his face. His hair
was matted.

His shirt was soaked.

A set of sturdy squat stands stood at
the back of the lifting platform.

On the squat stands was an Olympic
barbell. It was loaded with FOUR 45
pound plates on each side – plus two
35 pound plates – plus two 5’s and
a pair of 2 ½’s.

490 pounds.

The dark haired giant tightened his
belt, chalked his hands, approached
the bar, took it from the squat stands
and stepped back.

He stood motionless with the massive
barbell pressing down on his chest and

He took a deep breath, his massive
chest rising high.

He dipped his legs and drove upward –
and the bar shot from his shoulders as
if it had been fired from a cannon.

He drove the bar hard and fast – and
finished the lift with his arms locked
and the bar held over his head.

His enormous arms and huge shoulders
quivered under the incredible load.

He held the bar for a count of two,
lowered it to his shoulders, stepped
forward, and racked the bar.

He stepped back, breathing deeply.

The sweat poured faster than ever.

He had just lifted overhead more
weight than any man in history.

His name was Doug Hepburn – and
he was one of the very strongest
men who ever lived.

That’s how Doug Hepburn trained –
and where he trained – and the
type of weight he lifted – way
back in the 1950’s.

Today, some 60 years later, Doug
Hepburn is a lifting legend – and
Doug Hepburn’s training methods
continue to be followed – with
great results – by lifters around the

That’s why I’ve prepared a special
training course that outlines Doug
Hepburn’s training philosophy – his
exercises, sets, reps, and workouts.

It’s all there – and it makes great
reading for anyone interested in
training to reach their absolute
maximum in strength, muscle
and power.

Reading and writing about Doug
Hepburn and his heavy training
has got me all fired up.  I’m out
there slinging the iron in the
garage and having some GREAT

In fact, my barbells are threatening
to go on strike if I keep it up!

And I’m sure you’ll be doing the
same – and so will your barbells –
after you read the course.

The course is available in your
choice of hard-copy, Kindle e-book
or PDF with immediate electronic


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As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day. If you train today, make it
a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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