Do You Read the Dinosaur Training Blog?

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

A longtime reader said he missed
yesterday's email from Dino Head-

That happens from time to time,
and we never know why.

Readers drop off of our email list
for unknown reasons - or they miss
one or two emails and then get the
new emails without any problem.

It's probably the work of nefarious
Cyber Gremlins of one one sort or
another - but I can't prove it.

Anyhow, we do several things to
try to keep our emails coming
through to you:

1.The Dinosaur Training Blog

I post every email on The
Dinosaur Training Blog.

You can access The Dinosaur
Training Blog by going to our
website and looking for link
button that says "BLOG."

Once there, you can read any
of our more than 1,000 Blog

For example:

2. Facebook

I post the link to every post on the
Dinosaur Training Blog on Facebook -
so friend me on Facebook and check
the new posts every day.

This is a backup in case you miss an
email for some reason.

3. Twitter

I share the link to every Blog post on
Twitter - so follow me on Twitter.

This is another backup.

4. My Amazon Author's Page

I link all of my Blog posts on my
Amazon Author's Page:

This is our third backup to help
keep you up to date.

5. If all else fails . . .

Send me an email. If you fell off the
email list, we'll put you back on.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Did you grab the October issue
of the Dinosaur Files? If not, here are
the links:

Oct Dino Files on Kindle

Oct Dino Files in PDF format

It's a great issue, and I know
you'll like it!