The Forgotten Man

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Peary Rader, the founder and (for 50
years) editor of the original IronMan
magazine had a special term for older

"The forgotten man."

Why did he use that term?

Because back then, if you were over the
age of 40, the muscle magazines, books
and courses -- and everyone who wrote,
edited or published them -- forgot
about you.

It was as if you didn't exist after age 40.

That's still the case today. In fact, it's
probably more true than ever.

And it's not just that they forget about

It's actually worse now. They give you bad

Case in point.

A gym owner recently suggested that a
60 year old Dino should start training
three hours a day, six days a week, to
"take it to the next level."


How long do you think THAT program is
going to last?

And how long before our 60 year old ends
up with massive overtraining -- or a bad

Not to mention that he won't be able to
work his job, live a normal life, and stay
married if he starts to spend 20 hours
a week in the gym.

Older Dinos understand what I'm talking
about. As you get older, you need to
change what you do.

That doesn't mean you have to stop training.
Far from it. As you get older, training becomes
more and more important. But you need to do
it as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

I know. That's because I'm one of you.

I, too, am one of the Forgotten. I'm 59 now,
and that means I do things differently than
when I was 20 or 30 -- or even when I was
40. But I still train. And to tell the truth, my
training is more fun than ever before. And
I'm going to keep on doing it for a very
long time.

But still -- it gripes my goat to see the
nonsense that older trainees have to
contend with.

So I've done several things to try to even the
score for the Forgotten Man (or Woman).

I wrote Gray Hair and Black Iron -- a book
that covers effective training for older Dinos
in detail -- and gives you over 50 different
workouts for older trainees:

I covered my own workouts in a DVD called
"Going Strong at 54" -- which was a ton of
work to do, but it's a great DVD:

I wrote a terrific mini-course for older
Dinos -- with a brand new workout -- and
it's even available in PDF format with
immediate electronic delivery:

And last but not least -- each issue of the
Dinosaur Files newsletter covers effective
training for older Dinos -- and gives you
real life, real world workouts used by your
fellow Dinos. It's the stuff no one else ever
covers -- but it's standard fare for the Dino

Of course, the Dino Files also contains great
info for younger trainees, as well -- but most
of our readers are older Dinos, so it has plenty
of advice for them.

You can grab the Oct 2016 issue of the Dinosaur
Files right here -- and like the mini-course, it
comes to you in PDF format with immediate
electronic delivery -- or in Kindle format,
whichever you prefer:

Oct Dino Files in PDF format

Oct Dino Files on Kindle

Older trainees may be forgotten everywhere
else. But they're not forgotten here -- and
they never will be!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik