The No. 1 Regret of Older Dinos

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We've been getting tons of great
feedback in response to the question,
"If you were able to start all over again
in the Iron Game, what would you do

We've also been getting a lot of emails
from older Dinos revealing their no. 1

The two topics seem to be related.

For example, read the following from
Gordon Blake:

Unfortunately, I never saw anything
about abbreviated training back in
the 1970's.

The only information I had was about
the complicated, bodybuilding routines
where you trained four to six days a
week for a minimum of two hours per

My gains have been through the roof
ever since I started abbreviated
training -- three workouts per week,
less than an hour per workout --
doing basic Olympic lifting and power
lifting movements, supplemented with
strongman training and bodyweight
movements with resistance.

I'm 59 now, and I've been doing
Dinosaur training for about 10 years

My major regret is that I didn't have
this info when I was 14.


Thanks for sharing that, Gordon. You're
in pretty good company -- I've received
similar emails from hundreds if not
thousands of older Dinos over the

They all say the same thing:

I wish I had known about sane, sensible,
result-producing, effective training back
when I was a kid.

I wish I had known about the benefits
of abbreviated workouts.

I wish I had stuck to the basic, compound

I wish I had stayed away from the isolation
exercises, the bodybuilding programs, the
pumping workouts, and everything else in
the muscle magazines.

I wish I had focused on building strength
and power.

I know how everyone feels, because I made
the same mistakes. We all did.

One of the reasons I keep on banging the
drum about effective strength training is
to help younger trainees avoid making
those same mistakes.

It often seems to be an uphill battle --
but it's something we have to keep on

The Iron Game is far too important to
leave to the tender mercies of the
mainstream muscle media -- and
barbells deserve better than living
in a world where no one knows how
to use them.

And new trainees are entitled to
something better than the silly

Anyhow, as always -- thanks for
reading and have a great day. If
you train today, make it a good

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "It's never
too late to start doing it right." -- Brooks