Attn Dinos: Here's Our Christmas Schedule!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's a quick update on our schedule
leading up to Christmas.

1. We're going to keep filling orders as
fast as we can -- so help us out by placing
them as soon as you can.

2. We're shipping everything by USPS
Priority Mail, which is almost as fast as
Pterodactyl Mai -- but again, the sooner
you place an order, the better.

3. Earlier today, I launched part 1 of the
Dinosaur Christmas Story for 2016.

a. The Dinosaur Christmas Story is an
annual tradition, and it's always a lot of

4. I'll post The Dinosaur Version of The
Night Before Christmas on -- you guessed
it -- the day before Christmas.

a. This is another Christmas tradition
here at Dino Headquarters. And it's
always a hit with the Dino Nation.

5. When time permits, I'll be hitting the
iron hard and heavy -- and so will Trudi.

a. Holidays are NOT an excuse for not

6. I've been sharing lots of great photos
and even some video on my Facebook
page, my Instagram account and my
Twitter feed. I'll keep on doing that --
so follow and friend me. You'll like what
you see.

a. I'm on Facebook at Brooks Kubik;
on Twitter at Brooks Kubik; and on
instagram at #brookskubik and

7. We have several great products
that are available with electronic
download, so that gives you plenty
of options if you're a last minute
shopper. Heck, you can grab them
on Christmas Day if you need to!

8. Ditto with our Dinosaur Training
e-books on Kindle. The Kindle store
is always open for business.

9. Go here for links to our products with
immediate electronic delivery -- as well
as links to our e-books on Kindle -- and
our hard copy books and courses, as

a. Note that there's a special section for
the products with electronic delivery --
and another separate section for our
e-books on Kindle.

10. I think that covers it, but if you have any
questions, send them on in!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Here's a Christmas suggestion:

P.S. 2. And another one:

P.S. 3. And a third:

P.S. 4. Thought for the Day: "It may or may
not be a White Christmas -- bit it's definitely
going to be a Dino Christmas!"