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Hail to the Dinosaurs!

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November – December 2016

Dinosaur Files

Table of Contents

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Mesozoic Mail
Greetings from Italy – My Favorite
Article  - How a 56-Year Old Dino
Trains – Pushing Toward a 100-Kilo
Military Press - More Dino Files
Feedback – Feedback from
Scotland – Thanks for the
Bench Press Advice - Viking
Feedback – A Training Update

Jurassic Jottings

From Beef to Burgers – Feeling
a Little Needled – Speaking of the
Gym – Squat and Split Snatches –
Head Over Tea Kettle – An Important
Safety Note – Moving Targets at the
Gym – Lying and Seated Targets at
the Gym – An Old School Gym –
Some Impressive Lifting from
1953 – Meanwhile, Back in
Belgium – This Is Some Serious
Curling Power – Don’t Arm
Wrestle this Guy – Iron
League Update – New from
Bill Hinbern

Answers to Your Training

Combining 20-Rep Squats and
Deadlifts – Adding Weight When
Using the Light, Medium, Heavy
System – A Question About Specialty
Squat Bars for Lifters with Shoulder
Problems – A Tonnage Question

A Different Twist on Rest-Pause

My Singles Experiment

An Update on My Training Program

Try this Two-Week Divided Workout

The 2016 Stonelifting Tour (Part 2)

A Result-Producing and Effective

Build Strength and Muscle Mass
with Reg Park!

An Older Dino’s Training Program

The Wrap-Up 

As you can see, this issue - like all
issues of The Dinosaur Files - is a
goldmine of training advice for

The kind of no-nonsense, real world
Training advice you won't find
anywhere else.

Which is not surprising - because
the Dino Files is a strength training
journal by and for people like you and
me - people who call themselves

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Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik