Building the Bones -- A True Story

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2. Building the Bones -- A True

There's a lot of talk about whether it's
possible to build your bones -- as in,
whether an adult can make his or
her bones thicker, denser and
stronger through weight training.

Some people flat out say it can't be

They're wrong.

Maybe it can't be done with light weight,
bunny style training -- but it definitely can
be done with Dino style training.

I know it can be done because I increased
my wrist size by over half an inch when I
was close to 30 years old -- and I did it
with a special program of heavy power
rack training and thick bar exercises.

My friend John Wood is in his 30's, and he's
following a special bone-building program --
and he's having regular bone density tests
to see what happens -- and the tests prove
the his training program has increased his
bone density and his bone mass.

And if you don't believe Brooks and John, or
you think we're some sort of genetic freaks,
then consider this.

It's a true story.

It's not from the weight training world, but
it speaks volumes.

It comes from a book titled "Wilderness
Wife" -- an autobiography of a remarkable

In 1911, Kathrene and Robert Pinkerton
were married. Kathrene was 24. Robert
was 29.

Robert was a newspaper reporter -- but not
long after their marriage, his health broke
down from the city living, stress and long
hours, and his doctor told him he had to
find some sort of quiet job where he would
get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

The newlyweds decided to make their
living as writers -- and to do it on the
cheap by building a log cabin in the
North Woods.

They packed their meager belongings and
headed up to Ontario -- to a small village
called Atikokan.

When they got to the village, they stopped
at the general store and made arrangements
to store their city clothes and purchase some
clothes better suited to their new lifestyle.

Then they got into their newly purchased
canoe, and paddled off to find a suitable
place to build their cabin.

They found a perfect site eight miles away
from the village, and it was there that they
built their cabin.

Just the two of them. No one else. They cut
the wood, dragged it to the site, and did it
all by themselves.

They traveled by foot, by canoe and by
dog-sled in the winter.

They hunted, fished, picked wild berries and
grew a small garden.

It was hard, demanding, exhausting work
at first -- particularly for Kathrene -- but
as they toughened up, they grew to love

After several years, they headed back to
town because Kathrene was pregnant.

They went to the general store and the
store-keeper pulled their city clothes out
of storage.

They tried them on.

Nothing fit. Robert had gained far too much
muscle to fit into his old clothes.

But he wasn't the only one who had
trouble fitting into his old clothes.

Kathrene discovered that her beautiful
leather city gloves no longer fit.

The storekeeper measured her hands.

Her hands were a full size larger.

It wasn't the pregnancy, in case that's
what you're thinking. It was permanent

The paddling, digging, lifting, chopping,
cutting, sawing and carrying had made
her hands far larger and thicker than
ever before.

And because the hands are mostly bone,
that meant she must have added plenty
of bone mass and bone density.

Wilderness living had built her bones --
in her mid 20's -- without even trying.

With that in mind, think what heavy
training can do for your bones --
especially if you are TRYING to
make them stronger, denser and

As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day. If you train today, make it
a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "The people who
say it can't be done are almost always the
who never tried." -- Brooks Kubik