The 70 Percent Workout

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

(Note: Here's one from a year ago. I
think the message is very important,
so I wanted to share it again. Also,
it's something I do regularly now -
and it'as been working very well for
the past year.)

I had one of my best workouts of the
year last night.

I went out to the garage, warmed up,
got nice and loose, and then did a
series of progressively heavier singles
in the clean and jerk.

I did squat cleans and power jerks.

Long story short, I ended up doing 22
pounds more than I had planned to do.
And I hit my top weight not once, but
twice. Once to lift it -- and the second
time to reenforce the successful lift.
(That's a Tommy Kono trick, and a
good one.) (Note: these were two
singles, not a double.)

And the top weights actually felt light.

My form was perfect through the entire
workout. As the weights got heavier, my
form and speed got better and better.

And there was a reason for this.

The last two workouts before this one
were light workouts. In one of them, I
did snatches to 70 percent of my one rep
max. In the other, I did cleans to 70
percent of my one rep max. In each
workout I did five singles with the 70
percent weight.

I took the light workouts because I had
been training extra hard and heavy, and
I was getting a bit sore and beat up. I
needed a bit of a break from the heavy

And it worked pretty well.

The seventy percent workout is an
excellent idea for older trainees. It's
particularly good for Olympic lifting,
because you can drill form and
technique on the light day. But it
works well for any older trainee,
no matter what exercises you

You can follow a simple cycling system
similar to those outlined in Gray Hair
and Black Iron, or you can follow the
Light, Medium Heavy system outlined
in Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vols. 1
and 3. There's no one way to do it.

The important thing is to include some
light workouts that allow you to recover
mentally and physically from the harder
and heavier workouts. They'll set the
stage for some great workouts -- just
like they did for me last night!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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