Reg Park, Brad Steiner, and Much More!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Several days ago I shared an email
about Bradley J. Steiner's list of the
21 "Essential Exercises."

I noted that when I started in the Iron
Game, Steiner wrote for Peary Rader's
old Iron Man magazine, and was one of
the most popular Iron Game authors in
the world -- as well as one of the most
honest and most direct.

Steiner taught old school training --
and told his readers to stay away from
the muscle pumping nonsense that was
(and still is) so very common -- and also
told his readers to stay away from
steroids and other drugs.

He often wrote about the mental aspects
of strength training and muscle building.

He focused on physical culture -- a great
term -- and on making yourself the very
best and strongest person that you could
be, both physically and mentally.

He also talked about using your training
to enrich your life rather than making
your life revolve around your training.

As in, train three times a week for about
an hour per workout. That's plenty of
time to build tons of strength and
muscle -- and it allows you to live
a full and rewarding life.

In other words, he taught old school
training and old school values.

So you can see why I enjoyed reading
his books and articles so much.

Anyhow, I've received a ton of emails
from readers asking where they can find
more from Bradley J. Steiner.

There are three places to look.

1. The Iron League

The first is John Wood's Iron League,
which includes old issues of the very
same Iron Man magazines that carried
Steiner's articles "back in the day."

John has a special license to post these
old issues of Iron Man -- and a complete
collection of them -- and a ton of other
great stuff, including several boxes of
rare old materials from my personal
library, which I have loaned to him
to share on the Iron League.

He also uploads old video -- including
my old Dinosaur Training videos from
back in the 1990's. In fact, it's the only
place to find them. I'm letting John do
that because I think the Iron League is
a really important project, and I want
to help support what he's doing.

The Iron League is a members only,
curated website with an incredible
collection of old Iron Game books,
courses and magazines.

One of our Dinos calls it "The Library
of Congress of Strength" -- and that's
a pretty good name for it.

Go here to join The Iron League:

So that's the first place to find old
articles by by Bradley J. Steiner.

2. Bill Hinbern's Website

The second place to look is Bill
Hinbern's website.

Bill has been selling old books and
courses for something like 50 years
now -- and he sells a great looking
reprint edition of Steiner's otherwise
impossible to find, classic text, The
Complete Guide to Effective Barbell

Note that Bill did this with Steiner's
express permission and approval --
which is how you do these things.

Go here to grab The Complete Guide:

And that's the second place to find
more training wisdom from Bradley
J. Steiner.

3. Brad Steiner's Website

The third place to look for material
from Bradley J. Steiner is at his

It focuses on self-defense training,
but includes plenty of info on effective
strength training, as well.

Go here to check it out:

4. Reg Park Specialization Courses

I mentioned Reg Park in the title of
this email/blog post, and you may be
wondering why, since I haven't
mentioned him yet.

The answer is this -- Bill Hinbern has
just released a series of specialization
courses written by Reg Park.

Bill used to be the North American
distributor for these courses -- but
they haven't been available for over
40 years.

For more information on these VERY
RARE and one of a kind courses, go

Be sure to tell Bill I sent you. I've been
buying stuff from him for over 40 years
now, and he's a very good friend.

Anyhow, I hope that answers the questions
about where to find more OLD GOLD from
Bradley J. Steiner -- as well as some terrific
old courses from Reg Park.

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today (as I will)
make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik