Looking Ahead to the New Year!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Like many of you, I'm looking ahead to the
New Year.

In other words, I'm sharpening my pencils
and scribbling notes on paper as I outline
my workouts for the coming year.

Most people think about "resolutions" for
New Year.

I don't.

I think about training programs.

With the right training program, good things

Of course, the right program starts with the
right kind of goals. You start by establishing
your goals for the coming year, and then you
design a program to achieve them.

What do I mean by "the right kind of goals"?

The right kind of goals are:

1. Realistic, but challenging.

2. Difficult, but not impossible.

3. Not too hard, and not too difficult.

4. Objective and measurable.

a. Poundage goals or other performance
based goals are best.

5. Easy to put into words, such as:

a. I want to press my bodyweight.

b. 300/400/500.

c. I want to gain 20 pounds of muscle.

e. I want to lose 30 pounds of flab.

f. I want to set a new state record in the

g. I want to close the No. 2.5 gripper.

h. I want to ______________________ .
[Fill in the blank -- it should fit into the space

6. No. 5 is important because you need to
internalize your goal and burn it into your
heart and mind.

a. You do that by thinking about it --
visualizing it -- repeating it -- or writing
it on notes.

b. You can't do any of those things if your
goal takes 10 pages to put on paper.

And most importantly --

7. Your goal needs to be something that
motivates and inspires you.

a. It has to be YOUR goal -- not someone
else's goal.

b. It has to be something you truly want
to achieve.

c. It has to be something that you will work
toward for the entire year -- not something
that will hold your interest for a week or two,
and then you bounce to something else.

Goal-setting empowers you.

Harness the power -- and make 2017 your
best year ever.

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a good

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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