The Dinosaur Diet

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note, and then we'll talk diet
and nutrition for strength and muscle

1. The Dino Files

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2. The Dinosaur Diet

Several readers have asked me to share
a typical daily menu here at Dino Head-

"Tel us what you eat in a typical day," they
say. "Including the in-between meal snacks."

So here goes.

First of all, there are no in-between meal
snacks. Three meals a day is more than
enough for this 60-year old Dino.

Also, there are no protein shakes or
blender bombers or pre-workout energy
drinks. I get my nutrition from real food.

Real food is cheaper, tastier, and much

Note that everything other than salmon
comes from our backyard or our favorite
farmer's market -- meaning that we buy
our food directly from local growers. That's
good for the local economy, and helps
assure that we have local sources of
fresh, high quality food.

Our food is chemical-free and "organic"
in the true sense of the word. Grass-fed
beef, eggs from free-range, scratch in
the dirt chickens, veggies grown in
compost (rather than with chemicals),

It's affordable because we buy local
and we buy directly from the growers.
There's no middle man. My food dollars
go to the local farmer or grower, and to
no one else.

I eat a low-carb diet, and I don't eat any
grains or dairy products. Sometimes I
have rice with dinner, but usually I skip

Anyhow, here's a typical daily menu:


4 eggs, scrambled or cooked in an omelet

Sausage or bacon (from pastured pork,
minimally processed)

one or two very small potatoes

salad made from mixed greens or sliced
tomatoes, cucumbers or radishes


Note: I usually mix the potatoes and the bacon
with the eggs, and serve the other veggies on
the side.


8 - 12 oz. ground beef patties

large green salad

in season treat: sliced apple or berries
or other locally grown fresh fruit on the

Note: I don't use salad dressing, but
sometimes I put some olive oil and
fresh lemon juice on the salad.

water and coffee


One pound of beef, pork or wild salmon

Note: the price of salmon has gone through
the roof, so we'll be sticking to locally raised
beef and pork unless and until it comes back

salad (same as lunch)

1 or 2 cooked vegetables

1 glass red wine


And that's it.  Tons of nutrition, lots of flavor,
and it's all fast and easy to prepare.

You can read more about my daily diet, and
how I use real food to build lifelong strength
and health in Knife, Fork, Muscle.

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You can find me at "Brooks Kubik" or by
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Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Real food builds
muscle." -- Brooks Kubik