Grimek vs. the Dumbbells (Part 2)

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And now -- here's the rest of the story.

Grimek vs. The Dumbbells (Part 2)

Klein's words sting the young powerhouse.

He tries again -- and this time he manages
to clean the two dumbbells and push them
over his head in a single wobbly press.

He lowers the heavy dumbbells and tells
Klein that he'll be back in two weeks to
lift them properly.

Klein doesn't buy it.

"Fine," he says. "The dumbbells will be here
any time you want to try them."

Grimek goes home and starts doing dumbbell
presses like a madman.

Two weeks later he walks back into Klein's
gym, grabs the dumbbells, pulls them to his
shoulders, and starts pressing them so hard
and fast that it makes Klein's head spin.

After 15 reps, the joke's on Klein.

"That's enough!" he cries. "That's enough!"

Grimek lowers the dumbbells, and Klein walks
over to congratulate him.

"Now you see what a little practice and
persistence can do," Klein tells him.

Grimek nods.

It was true -- and it was a lesson well learned.

Many years later, someone asked Grimek the
secret of his success.

"Hard work," he answered.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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