A Very Common Clean and Press Question

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I've been getting a ton of questions (and
lots of great feedback) about the clean
and press.

I'll save the feedback for another email,
and answer one of the more common
questions in this one.

Adam Schreiner wrote:

How crazy does a clean and seated
press sound?

I don't have overhead clearance.

The answer is, it doesn't sound
crazy at all, because a number of
other Dinos have asked the same

However, I would NOT try to do
the clean and seated press as a
combination exercise where you
do one clean and one seated press
on each rep.

Instead, do all of your sets of seated
presses, and then do all of your sets
of cleans.

Here's why.

The power clean and standing press is
a good combination exercise because
most men use about the same weight
for both movements.

If you can clean significantly more than
you can press, then do the clean and
push press to even things out.

But you use less weight in the seated
press, so it doesn't give you as good of
a workout on the cleans.

So do them as two separate exercises.
Don't try to make them a compound

As far as sets and reps go, try 5 x 5 or
5 x 6 on the seated press. Or, if you
prefer, do 10/18/6/4/2.

On the cleans, try 5/4/3/2/1 or 5 x 3
or 6 x 2.

By the way, John Grimek was a huge
fan of the seated press. He once called
it his secret weapon.

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