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We have 23 books in the Kindle bookstore. This the latest one. You can grab it right here:

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

When I published Dinosaur Training
way back in 1996, postage rates were
fairly low, even for international mail.

So I could fill orders from around the world
at a relatively low cost for shipping and

But postage rates have gone higher and
higher over the years - especially for
international mail.

Case in point. A guy from Australia
ordered Dinosaur Training today,
and the shipping and handling was
almost double the cost of the book.

That's because our shopping cart uses
Priority Mail shipping as a default

And Priority Mail is expensive for
international shipping.

However, if you want to save clams on
shipping for an international order,
it's easy to do.

Just place your order, and include a note
in the Special Instructions section of the
on-line order form asking us to ship your
book or books by First Class Mail instead
of Priority Mail.

We'll go ahead and calculate the cost for
First Class Mail and ship it that way. And
we'll refund the difference between the
two shipping charges.

Trudi just did exactly that for the guy I
mentioned in Australia - and saved him
a whopping 22 clams on postage.

That's more work for us, of course, but
we're happy to do it if it helps our

Of course, the other thing we're doing to
help with shipping and handling is to offer
Dinosaur Training books and courses in
PDF and Kindle format.

This is a great option for everyone, but
it's especially good for overseas Dinos,
because there is literally ZERO in
shipping and handling charges.

Right now, we have 23 Dinosaur Training
books and courses on Kindle. Here's the
complete list - and we're adding more
and more all the time:

Important - you do NOT need to purchase
a kindle device to read Kindle e-books. You
can download an app that lets you read
them on any device. There's a link for
the app on every sales page in the
Kindle bookstore.

If you prefer PDF to Kindle, check out the
section of PDF books and courses at our
products page. There's a lot of them:

Also, note that we've bundled Dinosaur
Training Secrets 1, 2 and 3 - so you can
grab all three courses with one purchase.
We got the idea from Amazon, which
bundles all three courses in the Kindle

I know that some of you prefer hard copy
books and courses, and we'll continue to
offer those - but the Kindle and PDF
options will help many of you save
some serious clams.

And saving serious clams is a good

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik