Something New for Dinosaurs!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

With postage costs going up, up and up,
especially for overseas shipping, we're
exploring different ways of bringing
our strength training information to

We're going to continue to offer hard-
copy books and courses for those who
want them - but we're also offering
Kindle and PDF options.

For example, we now have a whopping
22 Kindle e-books for you - and we're
adding more all the time.

Go here to see the complete list:

We also are offering many of our
books and courses in PDF format.

You can them in the special section for
PDF books and courses at our Products
page, which is right here:

And beginning with the January 2017 issue,
we're offering the Dinosaur Files strength
training and Iron Game journal in three
different formats:

1. PDF

2. Kindle e-book

and - something new -

3. A hard-copy edition.

The hard-copy edition is printed by Amazon
and mailed to you by Amazon. I'm not sure,
but I think that you may get free shipping
if you're an Amazon Prime customer. Pls
check with Amazon to confirm that. Free
shipping is hard to beat.

And Amazon does a good printing job. One
of our longtime Dinos, Tom Lucas, ordered
the hard-copy edition of the January Dino
Files, and had reported that "it's very

The only problem is that we have to format
the Dino Files for PDF - and then reformat
them for Kindle - and then reformat them
a third time for the Amazon hard-copy. So
we release the PDF first, and then follow
up as soon as possible with the Kindle and
Amazon hard-copy versions.

If you don't already have it, here are the
links for the January issue:

PDF edition

Kindle edition

Amazon hard-copy

The February issue is available in PDF
right now, and we'll get the Kindle and
Amazon hard-copy versions up and
available as soon as we can. The PDF
version is right here:

I'm working on several new courses, and we'll
try releasing them as Kindle e-books and as
Amazon hard-copies. That should give us the
best of all possible worlds, and it should help
you save some serious clams on shipping and

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik