Why I Like Weightlifting

Bernard Baron - one of the top lifters in the USA back in the early 1940's. A great example of old-school strength and development!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

For the last week or two, I've been sharing
plenty of fun photos from my workouts here
at the new Dino Dungeon, a/k/a the drive-
way behind our new apartment.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I even shared
some video clips. (You can see them on
Facebook, Instagram and at the Dinosaur
Training Blog.)

In one workout, I'm doing old-school split
style clean and jerks.

In the other, I'm doing old school split
style snatches.

So, this has led to a barrage of questions
from Dinos around the world, who are

1. "Why do you do an all-weightlifting
program now?"

2. "Do you still do [fill in the blank]?"

3. "I do [fill in the blank]. Should I start
to do weightlifting?"

So I thought I'd cover those questions in
my daily emails this week.

Let's start with question no. 1: "Why do I
do weightlifting workouts now?"

There are several reasons.

First and foremost, it's fun. I enjoy it more
than anything else I might do. And when
you're my age (60), and you've been
training for over 50 years, it's important
to do things that are fun.

That doesn't mean that weightlifting is
good and everything else under the sun
is bad -- and it doesn't diminish the benefits
of other types of strength training. It just
means that I enjoy weightlifting workouts
more than anything else.

Second, it's a way of specializing on the
legs and back, which is always a good idea
for anyone, and an even better idea for an
older trainee.

Third, it requires a combination of strength,
power, speed, flexibility and technique.
That makes it very challenging for an older
trainee -- and meeting new challenges is
one of the things that keeps you young.

Fourth, weightlifting increases your
flexibility, mobility, balance and
coordination -- all of which is very
good for an older trainee.

Fifth, weightlifting is practiced around the
world -- and has been part of the Iron Game
for over 100 years -- so I can compare my
performance against others men of my own
age and bodyweight -- or against the old-
time champions such as Grimek, Stanko
and the rest of the York Gang.

Sixth, weightlifting is an athletic way of
training -- and training like an athlete can
help keep your brain and nervous system
working at a high level as you grow older.

Seventh, I find it easy to focus, concentrate
and dive into the inner universe when I do
my workouts -- which makes a weightlifting
workout a form of moving meditation for me.

There are many studies validating the
beneficial effects of exercise, as well as
the beneficial effects of meditation. So it
stands to reason that an activity that
combines both has some
serious benefits.

And those are the reasons why I follow an
all-weightlifting workout.

Should YOU do weightlifting workouts?

We'll cover that question tomorrow.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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