The Old School Strength Training Q and A

My new course is available right here in the Kindle bookstore:

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Imagine that you were training with
me right here at Dinosaur Headquarters.

We'd lift tons of iron and have tons of

We'd scare the heck out of the

We might even cause a small
earthquake right here in Louisville.

And after the workout, you'd probably
ask me a couple of training questions -
and I'd give you a detailed answer to
each of them.

You may never make it to the Dino
Dungeon (very few people ever
have), but here's the next best

Exactly two weeks ago, we launched
a new training course.

The title is Brooks Kubik's Old
School Strength Q & A.

It covers 15 questions from
readers - with detailed answers
to them.

As I said, it's just as if we were
training partners and you asked
me a question after a hard workout
here at Dino Headquarters.

We cover a wide variety of important
training topics in the book, including:

The best footwear for squats.

How to keep your T-levels
healthy and high.

How to break a plateau on

How the old-timers REALLY

Exercise alternatives if you can't
do squats.

Strength co-efficients for older lifters
and how to use them.

Safe and effective training for older

How to break through a sticking

How long a workout should last.

Parallel dips for older trainees.

Warm-up sets.

Sets and reps for the military press.

Sets and reps for muscle mass.

Deadlift questions.

And much more.

The Q and A format makes the new course
fast, fun and eminently readable -- but let's
us give you plenty of vitally important
strength training information.

It's just like training together - right
here in the Dino Dungeon.

Go here to grab a copy:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

Hitting it hard and heavy at the Dino Dungeon!