High Tech Lifting at Dino Headquarters

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

A couple of quick updates.

1. Old School Lifting at Dino

First of all, I've been having great
fun and great workouts in the out-
door training section of the new
Dinosaur Dungeon.

It's not exactly high tech lifting.

Actually, it's pretty old school.

As in, a barbell, rubber mats on
an asphalt drive-way, a water
bottle and plenty of chalk.

Plus a 60-year old guy who's
still having plenty of fun tossing
iron around even after 50 years
of training.

You can see photos right here:


2. More Details on My Current

I give the details in the February
issue of The Dinosaur Files (and
even include some video for
you to watch).

You can grab it in PDF format
right here:


We're also going to release the
February issue in hard copy (an
Amazon paperback, printed and
shipped by Amazon) and in Kindle.

3. Great Reviews for My New
Training Course

My new training course is getting
some great reviews. Go here to
check them out - and be sure
to give the reviews a double
thumbs up:


Reviews help us enormously, so
if you grab a copy of the new
course, pls leave a review.

The new course is available in
a Kindle edition right now - and
we're also going to release it in
PDF and hard copy (an Amazon
paperback, printed and shipped
by Amazon).

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik