Brooks Kubik's Old School Q & A

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

On Monday, we launched a
new training course.

The title is Brooks Kubik's Old
School Q & A.

It covers 15 questions from
readers - with detailed answers
to them.

We cover a wide variety of important
training topics in the book, including:

The best footwear for squats.

How to keep your T-levels
healthy and high.

How to break a plateau on

How the old-timers REALLY

Exercise alternatives if you can't
do squats.

Strength co-efficients for older lifters
and how to use them.

Safe and effective training for older

How to break through a sticking

How long a workout should last.

Parallel dips for older trainees.

Warm-up sets.

Sets and reps for the military press.

Sets and reps for muscle mass.

Deadlift questions.

And much more.

The Q and A format makes the new course
fast, fun and eminently readable -- but let's
us give you plenty of vitally important
strength training information.

Go here to grab a copy:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik