The Save Your Life Neck Workout - and Much More!

Each issue of The Dinosaur Files is a gold-mine of strength training and muscle building information - along with a T-Rex sized dose of motivation and inspiration - and every issue includes some great workouts for you to try!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Are you reading the new Dinosaur
monthly newsletter?

I hope so, because every issue is a
gold-mine of information.

It's 8 to 12 pages per issue - a fast,
fun read - available in PDF format
with immediate electronic delivery -
and it's printable, so you can print
each issue and save it in your
strength training and muscle
building collection.

And if you don't have a printer, just
talk to your local Kinko's or other
printing center. You can email The
Dino Files to them, and they can
print it for you for a nominal charge -
and it will be ready by the time you
walk into the shop.

We started this format with the Oct,
2017 issue - and it seems to work
pretty well. It saves a ton on postage,
especially for our overseas Dinos.

We've had great feedback on each
issue - and that's not surprising,
because each issue is loaded with
valuable training tips and workouts.

For example . . .

The October issue includes:

1. a stone-lifting workout that you
can do on its own or once a week
in combination with barbell and
dumbbell workouts; and

2. a three-day per week workout used
with great success by a 58-year
old Dinosaur

The November issue covers:

1. one-hand barbell lifts,

2. Bone Strength Training,

3. outdoor training,

4. a six-exercise, total-body HIT

5. a sled-pulling and tire flipping
workout; and

6. The Save Your Life Neck
Training Workout

The December issue features a very
effective six-day per week workout
that you can scale for one, two or
three different exercises per session
depending on your time and energy
on any given day. This has been one
of our most popular workouts - and
one of our most popular issues.

The January issue covers:

1. Bone density and celiac disease,

2. Cold weather workouts,

3. Lower back rehab,

4. Handstand pushup progressions,

5. A kettlebell workout, and

6. A special mass-building program
for Dinos (which is a little bit different
than most of my suggested workouts -
but very effective and lots of fun)

The February issue includes:

1. Training for older Dinos,

2. A three-day per week program,

3. A flexible daily training program
with complete training schedules for
both indoor and outdoor training -
giving you more than a dozen
workouts to try.

As you can see, we pack tons of great
info into each issue - and all of it is
practical and effective. In the words
of my good friend, Mike Thompson,
it's "the real thing."

You can grab the Oct, Nov, Dec and
Jan issues right here:

And you can grab the February issue
right here:

I'm working on the March issue, and
we'll get it as soon as we can - and yes,
it's going to be another good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you want a subscription to The
Dinosaur Files, we can make it happen.

I can even do hard-copy subscriptions for
those of you here in the USA. Just shoot
me an email and ask for the details.

The Dinosaur Files is YOUR monthly ticket to real-world, no-nonsense strength training and muscle building secrets - to great workouts - and to more progress than you ever imagined.