Why I Don't Play Golf

I've spent many hours lifting weights over the past 50-plus years - but I've never played a single game of golf.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's Daylight Savings time today - meaning
that those of us in the USA need to move
our clocks one hour ahead.

That means that it's going to be darker in
the morning - and lighter in the evening.

My grandfather hated Daylight Savings

He believed the politicians in Washington
cooked it up to give rich bankers and
similar "fat cats" (his term) an extra
hour to play golf.

My grandfather was an immigrant - he
came over from Slovakia as a teenager -
and he and his brothers all worked in the
steel mills in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

So, as you might imagine, he wasn't a
big fan of rich bankers and similar fat

Nor was he a fan of golf. He thought it
was a game for fat cats.

As far as I know, he never played it.

In fact, he probably never set foot on
a golf course.

My father followed in his footsteps.

He played golf exactly ONE time - at
a course in California when he was in
the Navy during WW2.

He did it because some buddies wanted
to play golf.

But that's the only time he ever played
the game.

And possibly the only time he ever set
foot on a golf course.

So it should come as no surprise when I
say that I, too, have never played a
single game of golf.

But I have set foot on a golf course.

There's a course at a big park not far
from where we live - and it's on high
ground - with some steep, wooded
hills at the edge of the course.

I used to go out and run sprints up
those hills - while carrying a pair of
old York globe dumbbells weighing
70 pounds.

When I got to the top I'd put them
down, catch my breath - and then
go back down and do it all over

So I actually have spent a fair amount
of time on a golf course.

But that's okay - my grandfather
would have said it doesn't count
if you're carrying a pair of heavy

In any event, today's the "turn your
clock forward day" - so remember to
do it.

And if you train today (as I will) make
it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"They really ought to call it Daylight
Training Time."

- Brooks Kubik


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