An Update on the Quarterly Dino Files Newsletter!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Rob Drucker, who has written some great
articles for the Dinosaur Files newsletter,
and done some killer reviews of my books,
shot in an email with a question about
the Dino Files.

Now, before I share it, let me note -- the
Dinosaur Files is NOT the email messages I
send to you.

It's a hard-copy, printed on paper, snail
mail (meaning the postman brings it to you),
old-fashioned newsletter.

For the past two years, I've done a 20
page monthly newsletter. Now we're going
to try something different -- a quarterly
Dino Files that will run 36 pages per

In other words, we're upgrading the little
monster into a quarterly magazine.

With that background, here's Rob's question
and my answer.

"Hi Brooks,

I hope you have been having a happy birthday
despite your busy schedule. It sounds like
you have been undergoing a writing marathon,
and this is good news to us Dinos.

I would like to subscribe to your new
quarterly Dinosaur Files newsletter, but
I don't see an order form for it on your
site. Are you accepting subscriptions yet?
If so, please let me know the cost and
where to sign up, or if I should
just send you a check. Also, when
do you anticipate that the first
quarterly issue will be sent?


Rob -- Thanks for the b'day wishes, and
for your interest in the new and improved
quarterly Dino Files. In answer to your

1. I'm going to get the first issue (Fall
2012) out the door in October.

2. I'm looking for articles, photos, and
classified or box ads, so if you have an
idea for an article, want to send in a
photo or want to run an ad, let me know.

3. We'll put the sales page up a little
later in the month. You can order then.

4. The first issue will include one or
more great bonuses for subscribers.

5. I'm looking for articles, photos and
accepting classified or box ads -- oops,
I already said that!

5A. Seriously -- articles, letters,
feedback, workout reports, and photos
would be much appreciated. The more we
have, the better The Dino Files will be.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. You can order back issues (12 issues)
of year no. 1 of The Dinosaur Files here:

You can order back issues (12 issues) of
year no. 2 of The Dinosaur Files here:

IMPORTANT: Note that the page says "renewals"
but it's not for year three renewals -- that will be
a different page. This one is for back issues

2. I mentioned that Ron did some killer reviews
of several of my books. You can find them here:

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Those who think
and fail to act go nowhere. Those who act and
fail to think do even worse. Those who both
think and act do fine." -- Brooks Kubik