The Ant and the Dinosaur!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Last night I hit the iron with
a new training partner. He's the
quietest guy I ever trained with,
so the no-talking rule was in full
force the entire time.

And pound for pound, he's the
strongest guy I've ever seen on
the lifting platform.

Here's what happened. I was doing
power snatches, and I lowered the
bar to the platform on one of my
medium heavy sets -- and as I
placed the bar on the platform,
I saw a small, dark sharp
dash forward across the
platform, right by my foot.

It was a big black ant. How I
missed stepping on him, I have
no idea. I must have barely
missed him when I hit the catch

And for the record, ants are
strong. They say they can lift
50 to 10 times their own weight.

I loaded the bar for the next set.
As I put the plates on, he came
running down the rubber mat on the
platform, right past the plates.

I went over to the chalk box and
got ready for the next set. When
I walked back to the bar, he was
running past the plates again.

I hit the lift, lowered the bar,
and there he was -- right to the
side of the plates. Missed him by

Loaded the bar for the next lift.
Didn't see him.

Went out to make the next lift. He
ran under the bar as I got into
position to lift it.

I made the lift. Lowered the bar.
There he was -- playing chicken
with the barbell plates.

I added more weight. Apparently,
that was the end of his workout.
He took off. The last I saw of
him, he was dashing out of the
garage and into the alley.

Good thing, too -- I don't think
he would have made it through the
clean and jerks.

But I have to admit it. I was sorry
to see him go. As workout partners
go, he was a good one.

And that's the true story of the
ant and the Dinosaur.

As always, thanks for reading and
have a great day. If you train
today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik 

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