The Hammer and Nail Mentality!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

When you train, you need to
train with the hammer and nail

It's just like hammering a nail
into a piece of wood.

You set it up, position it just
right, hold it firmly -- and hit
it with just the right amount of
force. Not too much and not too

You use controlled, targeted,
focused, intelligent force when
you hit the nail.

You hit it square on -- dead center.

You drive it straight into the wood.
Not to the side. Not at an angle.
Not almost where you want it. Exactly
where you want it.

Then you do it again.

And once again, you do it perfectly.

And you repeat until the job is done.

That's how you use a hammer and nail --
and that's how you train with the hammer
and nail mentality.

Control. Precision. Perfect form. Perfect
reps. No wasted movement. Everything

It's quality training all the way.

That's what does the job. And it works
for everyone -- every single time.

As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day. If you train today, make
it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If you're
going to do something, do it right."
-- Brooks Kubik