The Dino of the Day!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Christian Tackett set a PR in the
front squat not very long ago --
but that's not why he's the Dino
of the Day.

On Sunday, I sent out a call for
help -- an email message telling
the Dino Nation about 21 year old
Carrie Clark, who is training for
the North Carolina Special Olympics
powerlifting event in 2013 -- and
who just had a medical set-back
that landed her in the Duke
University Medical Center for
six days.

She's home now, but she's still
having a lot of trouble. She
needs some get well cards --
or some notes or letters of

In the past, she has responded
well when she has rec'd cards or
letters. Not emails, but old
fashioned snail mail. She likes
to put them on the wall of her

So I asked the Dino Nation to
send a card, letter or note to
Carrie -- and to pass the word
and recruit others to do so.

Christian Tackett responded by
sending a card of his own -- and
recruiting some friends to do the
same thing -- and then telling
a school teacher friend about
it. As a result, an entire class
of 24 fifth-graders will be sending
cards or notes to Carrie.

By stepping up and taking action,
Christian has accounted for more
than 30 cards or letters for Carrie.

And that's why he's the Dino of the

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Carrie's address is:

Carrie Clark
5720 Lauderdale Road
Browns Summit, NC

P.S. 2. Thanks to Christian and to
everyone else who has sent a card
or letter to Carrie!