Big Birthday Workout!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Sunday is my birthday. I officially turn
55 on September 9.

I say "officially" because I count birthdays
the way they do it in Masters Weightlifting
competitions. Whatever age you will hit later
in the year, they count that as going into
effect as of January 1. So I've been thinking
of myself as 55 ever since January 1.

Of course, my plan is to celebrate with a
hard workout. That's how Dinos do it.

Anyhow, wish me luck. That darn barbell
always tries to get heavier each year, so
I need to work hard to stay ahead of the
little monster.

And speaking of hard workouts -- I hit a
good one yesterday. It was a one-exercise
workout -- nothing but snatches. I did them
power style, and did singles. I started light
and worked up slowly, doing three singles at
each weight. Finished heavy, and called it a

The whole thing, including a thorough warm-up,
took about 50 minutes.

My next workout will be similar, except I'll
do the clean and jerk.

I know it's not high tech, and I know it sounds
too simple to work -- but it works pretty well
for me.

It works for other Dinos, as well. Here's an
email from 62-year old Chuck Brown, who's
still hitting the big exercises. He's found
that singles work well for him:

"Brooks, I have just gone to a workout where
after my warm up I do a set of 5 with a light
weight, then a set of 3 with more weight, then
singles on up from there.

I have been handling some good weights and
recovering much better than when I was doing
4 or 5 sets of 5. This has allowed me to lift
and also ride my bike a couple of days a week,
which I like to do in the summer.

I love that the singles allow me to reinforce
good technique without having to reset, count
reps or save energy for the later sets.

Currently doing squats, deadlifts, and presses
or push presses.

As an older Dino (62), singles rule!


Chuck Brown"

Chuck -- thanks for sharing that. I totally agree
with you! Singles rock!

It sounds like you are doing a great job in your
training. Keep it up, and keep us posted
on your progress!

To everyone -- as always, thanks for reading,
and have a great day. If you train today, make
it a good one!

And don't forget. Big birthday workout. Send
positive waves!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Single rep training works great for older
trainees -- and for younger trainees, as well.
I cover it in detail in Dinosaur Training, Gray
Hair and Black Iron, and Strength, Muscle and
Power. Check them out:

P.S. 2. I almost forgot -- there's plenty of good
single rep workouts in my Doug Hepburn training
course. Hepburn loved single rep training!

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Another candle on
the birthday cake, and another plate on the barbell."
-- Brooks Kubik