Busy Birthday at Dino HQ!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's my birthday today, and I've been
up since 4:30 in the morning to work
on something for the Dino Nation.

I know that sounds crazy, but this is
something that many of you have been
asking about, and something I've trying
been wanting to do for you for a long
time -- and there aren't enough hours
in the day, so I decided to get an
early start of things.

I'm also doing something else for you.
Since it's my birthday, I decided to
include something extra with all
of the orders we fill.

The "something extra"  is an
autographed photo of yours
truly. And  I'll also include a short
handwritten note.

And yes, I'll get writer's cramp doing
this, but as I said, I wanted to do a
little something extra for the Dino

I'm going to try to do this for the rest
of the month. Sort of a b'day special
from now until the end of September.

I won't be able to do handwritten notes
for everyone who ordered Dinosaur Dumbbell
Training, but I will include an autographed
photo -- along with two other special

And, as always, I'm happy to autograph a
book or course for you. There's no charge
for an autograph. If you want one, just
ask for it. (Use the Special Instructions
section of the on-line order form.)

I like to include a short personal note
when I autograph a book, so let me know
who to autograph it to -- Mike or Michael,
Jim or James, Pete or Peter, etc.

And if you're looking for encouragement
on something special -- like "Get that
400 pound squat!" or "Good luck in the
Contest!" let me know.

If someone orders a book or course for
you as a present, make sure they know
about the autograph and ask for one. I
always like to do that for presents.
It makes them all the more special.

BTW, over the years we've had a number
of girlfriends who ordered something
for their Dino sweetie -- and now
they're married. Trudi and I claim
full credit whenever that happens.

Anyhow, it's been a busy day, and there's
lots more to do before workout time --
so I need to get back to it.

As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day -- and if you train today
(as I will), make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. My books, courses and DVD's are
available right here at Dino Headquarters.
Remember, if you want an autograph on a
book or course, all you need to do is ask:


P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Age 55 is
pretty good for a guy who writes about
5 x 5." -- Brooks Kubik