The Dinosaur Files

I'm hitting it hard in the outdoor training area at Dino Headquarters - and I'm also hitting it hard to bring you more great Dinosaur Training courses - as well as the Dinosaur Files newsletter.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One of our longtime Dinos asked
me if there was a new issue of the
Dinosaur Files newsletter.

The answer is -


It's the October, 2017 issue - and
it's a good one.

But we're doing something new.

The October 2017 issue is NOT
for sale.

Instead, it's a special bonus when
you order a copy of my new course,
Vol. 2 in the Old School Strength 
Q and A series.

Meaning it's free. There's no charge
for it. All you have to do is order the
new Q and A course.

Here's how it works.

The new Q and A course is available
in your choice of hard-copy of PDF.

If you order the hard-copy edition,
I'll include a hard-copy edition of
the October 2017 Dino Files when
I fill your order.

If you order the PDF edition of the
course, I'll send you the October,
2017 Dino Files in PDF format.

The plan is to do one new course
every month for the next 12 months -
and to include a free issue of the
Dino Files for that month as a
bonus for everyone who grabs
the new course.

Some of the new courses will be
Q and A courses - and some will
cover other topics. But I plan to
do a new one every month - along
with a new issue of The Dinosaur
every month.

That's ambitious, and it will take
a lot of work - but I think we can
make it happen.

If getting a free issue of the
Dinosaur Files sounds like a
good thing (and it should), go
ahead and support the plan by
grabbing a copy of the new
Q and A course - which is
right here:

BTW, there's no need to ask for
the Dino Files bonus - I'll send
it to everyone who grabs the new
Q and A course.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you missed vol. 1 in the Q and
A series, you might as well grab it, as
well. You can find the order links for vol.
1 and vol. 2 right here: