The Old School Strength Q and A - Vol. 2

How do you build World class pressing power?You can find the answer on pages 19-20 of the Old School Strength Q and A, Vol. 2.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We have some big breaking news
for you.

Yesterday we released vol. 2 in my
Strength Training Q and A series.

It's available in your choice of hard
copy or PDF editions. (We're also
going to release it on Kindle, but
not immediately - because we have
to re-format it for Kindle.)

The little monster covers 20 training
questions from your fellow Dinos -
with detailed answers to all of them.

And because training questions
always relate to workouts, the
new course has a ton of great
workouts for you.

For example, the four 12-week
programs on page 11 will keep
you going for a whole year of
rock solid, heavy duty, Dino
style abbreviated workouts.

The only downside will be growing
out of your shirts - because each
program is one heck of a muscle
builder. But that's a good problem
to have!

Go here to grab the Old School
Strength Q and A - Vol. 2:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you missed vol. 1 in the
Q and A series, double your fun
and grab it, too!