Does Your Training Make You Feel Better?

The old guy at Dino Headquarters - age 60, and still training for lifelong strength and health.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Does your training make you feel

It should.

It should make you feel terrific -
no matter how old you are, how
busy you are, or how hectic your
life is.

Bob Hoffman had a great way of
explaining how strength training
affects your body.

It doesn't just build your muscles.

It strengthens your internal organs,
as well.

It improves your circulation.

Nourishes and fortifies your blood.

It improves your digestion, and your
ability to assimilate the food you eat.

It strengthens your heart and lungs,
and improves your breathing.

It builds strong bones and connective

It strengthens your nerves.

In other words, strength training
builds your body from the inside out.

It makes you stronger - and much,
much healthier.

Old-school champions like John Grimek combined super strength with super health. Many of them (like Grimek) remained strong, healthy and active to a very advanced age.

Hoffman and all the other pioneers
of the Iron game placed tremendous
emphasis on the health-building
aspects of strength training.

That's why Hoffman published a
magazine called "Strength and

It's why the title of his first book
was "How to Be Strong, HEALTHY
and Happy."

The idea of training for looks alone --
or even for strength alone -- without
radiant good health to go with it would
have been totally foreign to Hoffman,
Jowett, Calvert, Rader, Berry and

In short, one of the primary benefits
of old-school training was that it made
you FEEL better.

So back to the question in the title.

Does your training make you feel

Mine does.

I finished  a one hour workout last
night, and when it was over, I felt
like the proverbial million dollars.

And I feel pretty good most of the
time. I won't say (as Hoffman did
in his later years) that I'm a leading
candidate for the title of "World's
Healrthiest Man" but I do okay.

And my workouts play a major
role in how I feel.

Old-timer Abe Boshes shows what superb physical development and radiant good health looks like. This photo is something like 100 years old, and this is drug-free, supplement-free development.

Yours should do the same for you.

And if you're training the right way --
with plenty of stand on your feet, old-
school strength training -- they will.

Just be sure you avoid the over-
training thing that trips up so many
modern-day Iron Heads.

Stay away from the super programs,
the volume stuff, and the stuff that
promises the impossible overnight

Don't do dumb stuff - like squats on
roller skates, or squats on bouncy
balls, or anything else that builds
zero strength and muscle but gets
tons of views on social media.

Stick to the basics. They've been
doing the job for a very long time.

Bernie Baron built a tremendous physique and plenty of power with old-school, stand on your feet training.  This photo dates back to 1940, and that's close to 300 pounds on the bar. Another example of drug-free, supplement-free development.

Train with concentration and focus.

Use perfect form.

Stay away from the drugs.

Get plenty of rest and sleep.

Drink lots of water.

Skip the super supplements.

Eat good, healthy, minimally processed,

Real food builds lifelong strength and health - and it tastes GREAT!

Don't try to make up for a bad diet with
more training or with supplements.

Maintain a tranquil mind. Don't stress
about your training. Just train regularly
and work hard when you train. It will
all work fine for you.

And you'll feel fine, too - in fact,
you'll feel GREAT!

As always, thanks for reading and
have a great day. If you train today,
make it a good one.

Yours in strength (and health),

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 4. Thought for the Day:
"Always train for lifelong strength
and health." -- Brooks Kubik

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