There Are No Hopeless Cases!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Back in the 1930's there was a
kid who lived in New Jersey.

He was one of the skinniest,
scrawniest kids you ever saw.

He weighed all of 112 pounds
soaking wet.

He suffered from severe asthma.

He sat up all night, desperately
gasping for air.

Unable to breathe. Unable to
sleep. Unable to do anything but
sit and suffer.

He was allergic to almost every-

He was always sick. Always had
colds, coughs and sniffles.

His doctor said there was no

That nothing could be done to
help him.

His parents spent thousands of
dollars trying to find a cure.

But nothing helped.

One day, the kid was standing
at a bus stop.

The bus was late, so he started
looking at magazines at the news

And there he saw it - a "muscle

He bought it, took it home, and
read it cover to cover.

And he asked himself if barbell
training could possibly help

So he tried it - and it helped.

It helped a lot.

Five years later, the young man
weighed a solid 235 pounds.

He could clean and press 250

He liked doing heavy partial
movements with heavy weights.

He used over 1,000 pounds in
the Hise shrug, 575 pounds for
1,000 pounds for quarter squats,
970 pounds for partial deadlifts
from the blocks, and 800 pounds
for floor press lockouts.

And his asthma and illness had

His name was Fred Howell - and
his story's a true one.

I detail it in Strength, Muscle
and Power -- in a chapter titled

"There Are No Hopeless Cases!"
I wrote that chapter because
there are men and boys like
Fred all over the world.

Men and boys who suffer from
severe scrawniness, skinniness,
illness, and poor health.

Men and boys who need to know
that there's a way to transform
themselves - and overcome their

It's called weight training.

And it works.

It works for anyone.

And if you give it an honest try,
it will work for YOU.

Share this with someone who
needs it - and as always, thanks
for reading.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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- Brooks Kubik

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