More Feedback from the Dinos!

Philadelphia's Louis Abele shows what old-school, ground-based training can do for a man.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's more feedback from the Dinos
in response to the guy who told me
I was "too old for Olympic lifting"
and I should stick to "bodybuilding

By the way, I'm 60.

Is 60 too old for weightlifting?

I don't think so . . . you just have
to be smart about it.

And, of course, you don't have to
do Olympic weightlifting to get a
great workout. I do it because I
enjoy it. But any ground-based
workout with barbells, dumbbells,
kettlebells, sandbags or whatever
will work great - and so will old-
school bodyweight workouts.

The important thing is to train
hard, regularly, seriously and

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That said, here's more from your
fellow Dinos:


Those negative comments usually
come from young bucks who are
trying to find the easy way to a
great physique without realizing
that the stand on your feet work-
outs we espouse will get you there
and keep you there.

Years ago I could clean and press
two 105-pound dumbbells. 90's
are a chore now, at age 52, but
I'll take it.

Most young bucks struggle to put
weight over the heads these days.

They will learn in time.

You can't put an old head on young

John Grahill

Training hard and getting it done at age 60.


I don't remember the source, but
here's a quote your naysayer would
do well to remember:

"The man who says it can't be done
should stay out of the way of the
man doing it."

Michael Dumas

Thanks for the feedback - and
thanks for reading today's email.

If you train today, make it a good
one - and if you encounter a nay-
sayer, dropkick him into next week.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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school workouts and old-school
exercises in Strength, Muscle

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Stand
your feet and lift heavy stuff -
and don't
listen to the folks who
tell you not to do
it." - Brooks Kubik

Bernie Baron shows terrific strength and development in this photo from 1940. Old-school training works!