Did Steiner Like Nautilus Machines?

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Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's another question about Brad
Steiner's list of Essential Exercises
from back in the early 1970's.

Q. What did Steiner think about
Nautilus machines? I know they
were really big back then.

A. They were, indeed. For awhile,
they were the hottest thing in the
Iron Game.

Arthur Jones, the inventor of the
Nautilus machines, wrote a series
of articles about them for Iron Man

Peary Rader had built Iron Man on
the tradition of 20-rep breathing
squats and plenty of hard work.

Jones fit right into that tradition
when he called the Nautilus Pul-
lover Torso machine the "Upper
Body Squat."

Jones also emphasized that the
Nautilus machines worked so
well because they let you work
even HARDER than barbells
and dumbbells.

So, if you were a fan of good,
old-fashioned hard work, the
machines sounded pretty darn

Anyhow, Steiner liked them.

He also liked Arthur Jones one
set to failure system.

But he always noted (as did
Arthur Jones) that you could
get great results with nothing
but a barbell and a set of
squat stands.

Steiner was a home gym guy.

He trained at home, and he
always write programs that
worked for a home gym

Cellar-dwellers and garage
gorillas have barbells and
dumbbells, but they don't
have room for a dozen
different Nautilus

And besides, who could
afford them? A set of 12
Nautilus machines was
awfully expensive.

So Steiner liked the Nautilus
machines, but he didn't think
they were "essential."

That was a good question.
Thanks to those of you
(there were several) who
sent it in. Keep them

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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