Straight Talk on Trap Bars

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I just got an email from a guy who
was foaming at the mouth, jumping
up and down, nutzo fruit-cake CRAZY
about John Wood's new Trap Bar
Training Guide.

And by CRAZY, I don't mean he was

Turns out, he hates the things.


Because he read something somewhere
about them - and some guy didn't like
them - and he thought they weren't
worth the money - and it was a scam -
and a sham - and a spam - and so on.

So he asked me what I "really" think.

So here's the answer.

1. Trap Bars are really good.

2. Ther original Gerard Trap Bar is best.

3. It doesn't come with raised handles,
and that's a GOOD thing.

4. Trap Bars are perfect for home gym

a. They're safe, and they're effective.

b. You don't need spotters.

5. Trap Bars are great for deadlifts.

6. And as an alternative to squats.

7. And for older guys.

8. Or for guys with sore knees.

9. And for shrugs.

a. Note: Most guys don't train shrugs -
and that's a mistake.

b. A big mistake.

c. Particularly because your traps are
linked to your neck, and your neck is
linked to your brain, and your brain is
linked to - well, kind of everything.

10. They are NOT good for the clean
and jerk, or for deadlifts on stability
balls, or for one-legged rope walks
over a tiger pit - or for anything else
the Clown Brigade does on Monkey

Of course, the more you know about
how to use them, the better.

Because, as they say, knowledge is

As in, the more you know - the more
power you build.

And that's where the Trap Bar
Guide comes in.

So do yourself a favor.

Give the Trap Bar a try.

And grab a copy of the Trap Bar
Training Guide.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik