Favorite Training Equipment of the Dinosaurs (Part 3)

John Davis won six World championships and two Olympic gold medals in weightlifting - and did it all while training with basic equipment in small, old school gyms or in home gyms. At one point in his career, he trained by himself in the basement of a neighborhood church in Brooklyn.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

What would you take with you
if you were going to a desert
island and could take just
THREE pieces of equipment?

I asked the Dinos this question
last week - and the responses
are still coming in.

We ran some of them last week -
here are some more:

Basic and Simple

My personal choice is:

1. A pair of adjustable dumbbells.

2. Lots of plates.

3. A combined pull-up and
dip station.


My Top Three

My top three would be a plate-
loaded barbell, pull-up bar, and
a 24 k kettlebell.

David M.

A Military Solution

It's very simple.

One military bag or knapsack,
with shoulder straps so you
can wear it.

You can fill it with sand to do
clean and press.

Then you can wear it and do
squats, weighted push-ups
and weighted pull-ups (using
as tree branch for the pull-ups).

Palo M.

Three Interesting Choices

I would take the following (in
preferred order):

1. Olympic barbell with tons of
plates, including those lovely
2.5 and 1 pound plates

2. Thick-handle plate loading

3. My lifting shoes (they keep
me lifting without knee issues,
and push presses are more stable
in them - or course, I'd need to
make a platform or lift on a hard
surface to get maximum use out
of the shoes).

Ishinder S.

Those are all very good
answers. They show you that
Dinosaurs know how to get the
most out of their equipment.

They also show you that you
don't need a lot of equipment
to get a great workout.

They also give you lots of ideas
about what to focus on in your
training - and about what you'll
need if you ever set up a home

What about you - what would
YOU take?

Shoot me an email and let
me know.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Another good thing to take
with you would be a copy of
Dinosaur Training:


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right here at Dino Headquarters:

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Keep
it simple, keep it real."
- Brooks

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