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Louis Abele once said that he trained so hard on squats and weightlifting exercises that even his teeth ached after a workout. That's the kind of old-school training mojo I teach in The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook, Vol. 1 - the newest addition to our library of strength training books on Kindle.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Take a peek at the table of
contents for The Dinosaur
Strength Training Notebook,
Vol. 1:

Introduction by John Wood

(Note: This is a GREAT intro -
a big THANK YOU to John for
writing it.)

Brooks Kubik – The Original

Introduction to the Second

1. The Supplement Mindset

2. Quiet Confidence

3. The Success Habit

4. A Little Rant from Peary Rader

5. Ten Things that Work Much Better
than Any Food Supplement Under
the Sun

6. The Entourage

7. First, Last and Foremost –

8. Motivation

9. Irregular Training

10. An Iron Will

11. Strength Training 101

12. “How Much Can You Bench

13. The Vertical Bar Lift

14. Dinosaur Style Dumbbell

15. “Yes, It Really Is 12:15 in the

And much more - because
there's a grand total of 50
chapters - some short, some
not so short.

It gives you workouts, exercises,
mind power, training tips,
stories, motivation, and a no-
nonsense, take no prisoners
barrage of old-school Iron
Slinging "how to do it"
advice and instruction.

It's available on Kindle - right
now, and right here:


I'm very happy to bring this
little monster to you - and I
think you're really going to
like it!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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