The "Where's Trudi?" Contest

Can you find Trudi? She shot this photo two days ago - somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

As you probably know, Trudi is
Mrs. Kubik.

I married her a little over a dozen
years ago. Smartest thing I ever did,
even including barbell training.

Anyhow, last week Trudi did some-
thing she's never done before.

She set off to have an adventuire.
In other words, an all by herself

And she didn't plan any of it, other
than where to begin.

She flew into Seattle, stayed with
friends on Whidbey Island - and
then flipped a coin - heads for
east and tails for west - and
then took off.

I've been following her adventures
as she sends photos and video.

Right now she's - heck, I don't know
where she is.

I'm not even sure what country she's

It could be the USA - or it could be

But I'm posting her photos and
videos on my Instagram page -
so head on over and check it out -
and follow the clues and see if
you can figure out where she's
been, and where she's going

My Instagram page is right here:

The hashtag is (of course):


We'll even make it into a little

If you think you know where she is
(or was) on any given day, leave a
comment on the Instagram page.

There's no prize, but I'll keep track
and announce THE WINNER once
Trudi gets back home.

I mean, IF she comes back home . . .

It's pretty awesome out there, and she
just may stay.

So go ahead, check it out, and
take a guess or two.

By the way - here's a clue:

1. Debra Winger

2. Richard Gere

3. Louis Gossett, Jr.

Yours in strength

Brooks Kubik